Books That Entertain, Inspire, and Teach

Welcome to my website. I love writing stories that tell how God can change people’s lives. Most of us have problems–loneliness, disabilities, crime, and poverty, just for starters. Sin is the greatestchallenge we all face. My books show how God comes to the rescue for us no matter what our problems are.

My World Eternal series tells the story of a time, present or future, when extraterrestrials come to Earth. Their leader, Ouima, offers to solve all the world’s problems if all the nations join the World Eternal League of Planets. But can the world trust his promises? What happens to the Christians’ faith when they rely on World Eternal instead of God? What happens to the people of Earth when they fall for Ouima’s promises? How do preacher James Darden and his family work to save the people of Earth from World Eternal’s schemes?

My newest book Finding Her Heart is the third book of my Heart of A Family series about a family in West Virginia and the problems they have to overcome. You will find stories of love, mystery, and triumph in these books.