The World Eternal Series

Book 1 World Eternal: Promises

Preacher James Darden always relies on his faith. Then the aliens from World Eternal arrive and promise humanity everything. Diseases, hunger, homelessness, and natural disasters will no longer plague the people of Earth. Earth signs a deal with World Eternal.

James, his family, and his small Texas congregation must grapple with the rapid changes affecting the people of Earth. His son Jim, a college student, learns that the aliens have ulterior motives. James and Jim realize they must lead the charge to fight back. They and the church members have one chance to change events that will doom our world forever. Only God knows if they will succeed.

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Book 2 World Eternal: Proselytes

World Eternal has kept its promises. Homelessness, diseases, hunger, and natural disasters no longer plague mankind. But World Eternal’s gifts come with a price. Jim doesn’t know how big a price until he loses what he holds most dear–his family.

Jim’s efforts to rescue his loved ones before they are lost to World Eternal lead him to an ancient code book, which he must return to its rightful owner. Will Jim have the courage to find the book’s rightful owner, even if doing so may mean his death? What price will James, Nell, Jim, and their friends have to pay for their faith? Will the Christians’ faith overcome World Eternal, or will they watch the world’s nations fall one by one? 

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Book 3 World Eternal: Perils

Earth’s existence—and that of everyone on our planet—is quickly coming to an end. But Pat Minden doesn’t know it. He has one more semester to finish his Master’s Degree and has lined up a job with a prestigious aerospace firm. He has it made. Then his nightmare begins. He suddenly finds himself imprisoned, alone, and sentenced to a lingering death. Will the God he has ignored listen to his pleas?

What Pat can’t know is his friend Jim has discovered the plot that dooms Earth. He has only two days to warn the government of a reality so frightening that no one will believe him. Can Jim and his brother-in-law, Major Mason Davis, fly an untested supersonic space fighter to destroy the enemy? Will the F-N3 fail them? Pat, Jim, and Mason all hang onto one slim hope—they will not have to fight their battles alone. Does God see them and hear their prayers? Is He looking down on them, ready to come to their aid? Is He concerned about the fate of the world He has created?

An exciting, suspenseful science fiction adventure that will keep you turning the pages. Order World Eternal: Perils

Heart of A Family Series: Finding Her Heart

Only true love can help Allison conquer loneliness and Asperger’s. Can she find it? Allison has no friends. She is a talented artist, but she can’t relate to her classmates. The other students call her Dandelion and make fun of her. Her teachers say she has Asperger’s Syndrome. All she wants is to make a living as an artist and to find someone to love her. Tragedy strikes, and she loses everything important to her.

Then she meets David, and his blue eyes and kind smile capture her heart. Does he love her? Will she marry him, or is he in love with someone else? Is love where she thinks it is? Or is it where she isn’t looking?  Desperate, she promises all she has to learn the truth.

She can’t foresee all the twists and turns God will put in her path as she struggles to understand life and love. Weep and laugh with her as she strives to overcome her Asperger demons and to find the love that will make her life complete. Connect with her journey and see how she learns to become the whole person she  is meant to be. All it takes is love. Buy Finding Her Heart here.